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PG Wodehouse was born on the 15th October 1881 in Guildford, Surrey, England
He was educated at Dulwich College between 1894 & 1900
In 1900 he entered the employ of the Hong Kong & Shanghai bank at �80 per year !

He began writing articles for various newspapers & periodicals
In 1902 he resigned from the bank
In the same year his 1st novel The Pothunters was published

On the 25th April 1904 Plum arrived in New York for the first time
This was the beginning of Plum's career in musicals and editorships
As the money starts to come in Plum buys a car (a Darracq Auto)
After one lesson he crashes the car into a hedge and never drives again !

Plum then wrote many highly successful novels as well as musicals
In 1929 he signed a contract to work as a screenwriter in Hollywood
He complains of being paid far too much money for far too little work !
This causes a mini public relations storm in the US press

In 1932 Plum returned to England for a short time before settling in France
In 1940 Germany occupied France and Plum was interned
Wodehouse made a series of radio broadcasts which were widely misconstrued
He was vilified and persecuted by the BBC and the English press
Confidential records now released show that Wodehouse was totally innocent of the accusations
Guilty perhaps only of a little naivety

In 1947 Plum moved back to to the USA
In 1955 he became a US citizen
In 1967 British Prime Minister James Callaghan blocked a Knighthood, read the government report.
In 1974 his last complete novel Aunts aren't Gentlemen was published
In 1975 he was finally knighted by the Queen
Plum's health was so poor his Doctor forbade the trip to England
It is believed that the Queen Mother felt so strongly for Wodehouse
and at the appalling treatment he had received
that she wanted to travel to the US and Knight him herself !
However once again Government interference unjustly stopped this

On the 14th Feb 1975 Plum sadly died in hospital
"after a good morning's work on his latest novel"

Wodehouse was the quintessential British author who only now receives
the full credit he deserves