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In 1989 Stephen Fry & Hugh Laurie were approached about playing
Jeeves & Bertie Wooster in the first television adaptation of
PG Wodehouse for over twenty years.
They were initially unconvinced about taking on the characters
However after seeing the quality of the scripts they agreed
Filming started later that year and the first series of five episodes
was shown in spring 1990.
There was general critical acclaim and rightly so !
It was however reassuring as the pitfalls of depicting 2 characters
of this stature were obvious.
The whole series was a triumph and still makes great viewing today
It is indeed difficult to read a Jeeves & Wooster novel without seeing Fry & Laurie
This must be the ultimate accolade and is well deserved.

Series I - First Shown 1990

1: In Court After the Boat Race
2: Bertie is in Love
3: The Village Sports Day at Twing
4: How Does Gussie Woo Madeline?
5: Will Anatole Return to Brinkley Court?

Series II - First Shown 1991

1: The Silver Jug
2: The Bassetts' Fancy Dress Ball
3: The Con
4: Chuffy
5: The Mysterious Stranger
6: Wooster with a Wife

Series III - First Shown 1992

1: Safety in New York
2: Bertie Ensures Bicky Can Continue To Live in Manhattan
3: Cyril and the Broadway Musical
4: Bertie Takes Gussie's Place at Deverill Hall
5: Sir Watkyn Bassett's Memoirs
6: Aunt Dahlia, Cornelia and Madeline

Series IV - First Shown 1993

1: Return to New York
2: Lady Florence Craye Arrives in New York
3: Honoria Glossop Turns Up
4: Arrested in a Night Club
5: Totleigh Towers
6: The Ex's Are Nearly Married Off

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