PG Wodehouse

Meet Mr Mulliner

First Published 1927

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PG Wodehouse
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PG Wodehouse Meet Mr Mulliner

THIS book provides laughter, laughter all the way. Meet Mr. Mulliner and the spirits soar upwards. He relates some truly remarkable adventures. He is blessed, too, with a bevy of priceless relatives who keep the ball of fun rolling in no uncertain fashion. There is nephew Lancelot, cousin Clarence, the bulb-squeezer or photographer, nephew George, cursed with a terrible stammer, and brother Wilfred, who was clean bowled over by Miss Angela Purdue. In this bright company no one can fail to be amused. For wit, humour and the construction of humorous situations, Mr. Wodehouse has no equal. In Meet Mr. Mulliner he is at the top of his form. . .