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Bachelors Anonymous

First Published 1973

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PG Wodehouse Bachelors Anonymous

Ivor Llewellyn, that much married founder and dynamo of the Superba-Llewellyn Studio in Hollywood, is for the sixth time a bachelor. His record has established him as only a modest conversationalist where the fair sex is concerned, and his tireless gambit when the small talk lulls is a proposal of marriage. His friends at Bachelors Anonymous are forced therefore to view with great alarm his proposed trip to London. First they arrange for a body-guard and then they send reinforcements in the person of Ephraim Trout, lawyer and long-time friend of the reckless I.L.
Joe Pickering, playwright, bodyguard and himself helplessly in love with Sally Fitch, the prettiest journalist in London, is doing very nicely keeping Mr L. out of harm's way (out of the fearful Vera Dalrymple's way to be exact) and all would probably have been well but for Mr Trout's assistance. That redoubtable attorney takes it upon himself to thwart the burgeoning Pickering-Fitch alliance, and in the process meets his own Waterloo.
His publishers are delighted to pronounce that Bachelors Anonymous finds Mr Wodehouse at the very peak of his form. It takes him deep into the 1970's with a tremendous head of steam..