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Blandings Castle

First Published 1935

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PG Wodehouse Blandings Castle

HERE we have Mr. Wodehouse in his most beneficent and generous mood. He has, as it were, called a grand reunion of old friends, delightful people of his own creation who have so often brought tears of joy to the eyes of the world. So it is then that we meet the Earl of Emsworth, his sister Lady Constance, his son the Hon. Freddie, his butler Beech and his pig "The Empress of Blandings." But that is not all; the fascinating Roberta Wickham is also among those present as, indeed, are the irrepressible Mr. Mulliner; Miss Postlethwaite, the sensitive barmaid; the Tankard of Stout; the Whisky and Splash, and other members of the congenial company of the "Angler's Rest." This is a book which more than fulfils the promise of unlimited fun suggested by its illustrious company. .