PG Wodehouse

Eggs Beans and Crumpets

First Published 1940

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PG Wodehouse
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PG Wodehouse Eggs Beans and Crumpets

IN the heart of London's clubland there stands a tall and grimly forbidding edifice known to taxi-drivers and the elegant young men who frequent its precincts as the Drones Club. Here it is that young gallants of Muyfair forgather for the pre-luncheon bracer and to touch lightly on the topics of the day. But all is not idle chatter that passes at this hour of the morning snifter� life in its sterner aspects often comes under review and is discussed with a candour that loosens tongues and encourages confidences. Then it is that Eggs and Beans cluster round, and with bated breath, listen while a Crumpet holds the floor with a dramatic narrative of domestic disturbances in the life of Bingo Little or, perhaps, the heart-throb story of Freddy Fitch-Fitch at Droitgate Spa. To die members of the Drones such epics are history in the making; and to us, because our ribs ache from joyous laughter, they are no less significant.