PG Wodehouse

A Few Quick Ones

First Published 1959

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PG Wodehouse
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PG Wodehouse A Few Quick Ones

In this book P. G. Wodehouse has called a reunion of old friends in one of the gayest, happiest parties for years. Jeeves is there, of course, ministering as ever to Bertie Wooster's creature comforts and contributing deferentially to the fun of the evening. So is Mr. Mulliner, whose genial presence and gifts as a storyteller make him the perfect party-guest. The Oldest Member is also among those present, straight from his seat overlooking the ninth green from which he is accustomed to dispense advice on any subject from topped tee-shots to the wooing and winning of scratch lady-golfers by men of twenty-four handicap. And, of course, the Drones are there in force. Freddie Wigeon turns up with an idea for turning a quick penny by means of a 'Fat Uncles' sweepstake; so also does Oofy Prosser, of the bulging bank account and more pimples than a man of taste likes to be seen about with; and so does Bingo Little whose tottering finances have plunged him in the soup many times in the past and continue to do so still. This most hilarious book shows Wodehouse at his funniest.