PG Wodehouse

French Leave

First Published 1955

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PG Wodehouse French Leave

The gentleman of expensive tastes and no money to indulge them necessarily stands at life's crossroads. He must either marry money or work. The Marquis de Maufringneuse was such a gentleman, and in the course of a chequered career had tried both these alternatives. Unfortunately, neither had paid off permanently and shortly after this story opens he again finds himself without means of support. However, the gay Marquis is not entirely bereft. Living in ?. suitable Parisian garret is his writer-son, a young man with a regrettable taste for work inherited from his maternal American parent. Jeff has assisted his father with loans in the past and will doubtless do so again. And so it proves. His finances thus revitalized, the Marquis sets off for the sea�to the exclusive St. Rocque�where his persuasive charm and native wit carry him smoothly into the moneyed society of a party of American socialites and a wide-eyed Cinderella. Complications soon arise, of course, not the least of which is the presence in the party of his ex-wife, but the Marquis is too old a campaigner to be deflected by a woman's truculence. Having dedicated himself to the re-shaping of his family fortunes, he jauntily pursues his course, and though his methods are unorthodox to the point of being shady, they do produce results� surprising results. This novel is pure, vintage Wodehouse.