PG Wodehouse

If I Were You

First Published 1931

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PG Wodehouse
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PG Wodehouse If I Were You

ANTHONY, fifth Earl of Droitwich, was engaged to be married to Violet Waddington, the daughter of Waddington of " Waddingtons Ninety-Seven Soaps." Unfortunately, however, Tony's old nurse, Ma Price, turned up at a most inopportune moment with her son, Syd, a gentleman whose Socialistic eye could foresee tumbrils rumbling along Piccadilly, and Ma Price knew all about the skeleton in the Droitwich cupboard. Influenced by a weak heart, port wine and a longing for affection, she revealed her secret with the result that there was chaos in the aristocratic family and Tony's engagement was summarily ended. The situation is handled in the truly irresistible, Wodehouse style that cannot fail to draw loud chuckles and many broad smiles. .