PG Wodehouse

Jill the Reckless

First Published 1921

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PG Wodehouse Jill the Reckless

THOSE who have read "Jill the Reckless' in serial form on both sides of the Atlantic, pronounce it to be P. G. W.'s masterpiece, just as P.G.W. is Nature's masterpiece among writers of humour. One correspondent wrote to the editor of Collier's Weekly: " It is a masterpiece. The lightest, easiest, most diverting, raciest of a hundred thousand books. Dry champagne !"�which, of course, wasn't bad coming from a dry'country. Jill suddenly becomes penniless; but, being what she is, faces the world with a smile and refuses to be beaten. The story opens with a characteristic Wodehouse touch, when Freddie Rooke, after a hectic night, requests his man to remove from his sight his breakfast of poached egg, because it looks so like an old aunt he once possessed. To tell more of the story would be to spoil it. .