PG Wodehouse

Laughing Gas

First Published 1936

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PG Wodehouse Laughing Gas

DIRTY work in the Fourth Dimension was the cause of all the trouble. Somebody slipped up badly, the wires became crossed and an "identity-switch" resulted. Briefly the facts were these. B. K. Bur-wash and I. J. Zizzbaum, fang-wrenching rivals of high repute, simultaneously performed their miracles of dental surgery upon Joey Cooley, Hollywood's famous child star, and Reginald, third Earl of Havershot. And it was during the brief space of time that the gas administered by Messrs. Bur-wash and Zizzbaum was doing its stuff and the patients' liberated souls were hob-nobbing in the Fourth Dimension, that the dirty work took place. Reginald returned to consciousness in the .diminutive body of the child star, whilst the soul of young Cooley had been parked in the massive frame of the third Earl. And so the trouble began! The story is told by P. G. Wodehouse. 'Nuff said!