PG Wodehouse

Love Among the Chickens

First Published 1906

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PG Wodehouse Love Among the Chickens

WHEN Stanley Featherstonehaugh Ukridge descends upon his author ' friend, Jeremy Garnet, and announces that he, S.F.U., has started a chicken-farm and that Garnet is to be chief -of -staff, we know that there is to be "dirty work at the cross-roads." To complicate matters, Garnet falls in love with a girl in the train, who is reading one of his own books. Then the birds get rupe, Ukridge gets the pip, the eggs don't come, and Garnet's love affair doesn't prosper. Incidentally it is only the reader who can afford to laugh. With his pince-nez fastened behind his ears with ginger-beer wire, Stanley Ffiather-stonehaugh Ukridge is one of P. G. Wode-house's greatest creations. On his broad shoulders the fun of the story rests securely. The author has entirely re-written the book for this edition.