PG Wodehouse

The Mating Season

First Published 1949

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PG Wodehouse
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PG Wodehouse The Mating Season

When Gussie Fink-Nottle, after a convivial evening with "Catsmeat" Pirbright, was sentenced to fourteen days without the option for wading in the fountain at Trafalgar Square, Bertie Wooster saw the red light. For Gussie was an expected guest at Deverill Hall, and clearly his enforced absence would give rise to immediate inquiries. From this point it would be but a short step to a complete revelation of the scandalous details of his escapades and Bertram well knew what would be the effect of this intelligence on Gussie's fiancee, Madeline. As always when a rift appeared in her love affairs Madeline would transfer her simpering affection to Bertram and the grim prospect of having to endure the grand passion of this female stimulated Bertie to the sternest of endeavours to forestall catastrophe. Bertie's plan was to go to Deverill Hall, represent himself as Gussie and hope for the best. And it might well have worked without a hitch had not "Cats-meat" suddenly turned up in the guise of Gussie's manservant, followed shortly by Gussie himself in the character of Bertram Wooster! Fortunately Jeeves was at hand, ready with counsel and aid. The scheme he evolved to extricate Wooster from one of the worst spots of his chequered career must be counted as the most brilliant his master-mind had yet devised.