PG Wodehouse

Money for Nothing

First Published 1928

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PG Wodehouse Money for Nothing

JOHN CARROL wanted to marry Pat, but he was not cut out for the "dashing lover" business. Pat called him "Poor Old Johnnie"�and looked on him in that light. But when she suspected that John was interested in the daughter of Thos. G. Mo Hoy, American millionaire, she found that she just hated the idea of losing him. And then there was the terrible feud between Colonel Wyvern and Mr. Carmody. Both the Colonel and Mr. Carmody went through much before that was patched up. As for Hugo Carmody, John's cousin, he found it extremely difficult to raise �500 to invest in "The Hot Spot" night club. But he was successful in the end. This book shows Mr. Wodehouse in his most humorous mood. .