PG Wodehouse

My Man Jeeves

First Published 1919

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PG Wodehouse My Man Jeeves

Page One
JEEVES my man, you know�is really a most extraordinary chap. So capable. Honestly, I shouldn't know what to do without him. On broader lines he's like those. chappies who sit peering sadly over the marble battlements at the Pennsylvania Station in the place marked " Inquiries." You know the Johnnies I mean. You go up to them and say : " When's the next train for Melonsquashville, Tennessee ? " and they reply, without stopping to think, " Two-forty-three, track ten, change at San Francisco." And they're right every time. Well, Jeeves gives you just the same impression of omniscience. As an instance of what I mean, I remember meeting Monty Byng in Bond Street one morning, looking the last word in a grey check suit, and I felt I should never be happy till I had one like it. I dug the address of the tailors out of him, and had them working on the thing inside, the hour. " Jeeves," I said that evening, " I'm getting a check suit like that one of Mr. Byng's