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Stiff Upper Lip, Jeeves

First Edition Published 1963

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PG Wodehouse Stiff Upper Lip Jeeves

It was the instinct of self-preservation transcending better judgment and personal inclination that sent Bertie Wooster hot foot to Totleigh Towers; any lesser impulse could not have persuaded him to within twenty miles of the place. For Totleigh Towers was the residence of Sir Watkyn Bassett, whose considerable fortune� according to Bertie�had been amassed from trousering the fines he had meted out during a long career as a metropolitan magistrate. A harsh judgment, perhaps� but there, Bertie had suffered much at the hands of Bassett, and even more at the hands of the man's daughter, Madeleine, whose performances in the past had shown her to be the most predatory female in the county.
Thus, when the news broke that Madeleine had become engaged to Gussie Fink-Nottle, Bertie's relief was intense; the future held no further terrors. But, as he should have guessed, the wheels soon began to grind. Madeleine, a confirmed moulder of men� particularly of the men she planned to marry�went smartly to work in converting Gussie to vegetarian ideals. And she could not have hit him where it hurt more. Gussie, a lover of red meat, pleaded, resisted and finally, when he could stand no more, sought the solace, advice and assistance of his boyhood friend, Bertram.
Long experience of smoothing out lovers' tiffs revealed to Bertie that what the situation called for was a raisonneur capable of dispelling dissension by the sweet light of reason. And it was in this capacity that he journeyed to Totleigh, an apprehensive ambassador but spurred by the awful knowledge that if he should fail in his mission Madeleine would inevitably marry him on the rebound. He could imagine no more ghastly prospect.
In these mounting storm clouds on the Wooster horizon, there was but one ray of comfort�the presence of Jeeves, steadfast and reassuring. No cause has ever been lost while Jeeves was around, and in this uproarious novel his mastermind again rises effortlessly to the occasion