PG Wodehouse

Summer Lightning

First Published 1929

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PG Wodehouse
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PG Wodehouse Summer Lightning

HUGO CARMODY loved Millicent, Lord Emsworth's niece, but he was very good friends with Sue Brown of the Regal Theatre � an attachment which Millicent, perhaps, could hardly be expected to enthuse over. Ronnie Fish loved Sue, and entertained feelings of unrestrained ferocity towards the man Pilbeam, a blister of the first water, who was pestering her with flowers. When Millicent and Ronnie heard that Hugo and Sue were having dinner "on the quiet" there was a pretty storm in a teacup brewing; and when Ronnie,descending in wrath upon Mario's, found not Hugo but the execrable Pilbeam, summer lightning flashed in truth. How Lord Emsworth's prize pig was stolen, and how the lovers' quarrels were finally cleared up, is all told in Mr. Wodehouse's inimitable manner. .