PG Wodehouse

Sunset at Blandings

First Published 1977

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This joyful, inexhaustibly funny story will be as precious to the many thousands of Wodehouse readers as would a permanent record of the last night of the best loved and longest running comedy the world will ever know. Sunset at Standings is P. G. Wodehouse's last and unfinished novel.
We believe the book to be a delight for the sake of the novel alone. It runs in Wodehouse's text to the end of the sixteenth chapter of a planned twenty-two chapters. But in other respects too will it be treasured by Wodehouse devotees. The book contains a selection of the author's own working notes, of his first hand-written draft for the book, and of his detailed notes on the final stages of the plot. Here. then, is an opportunity to see at first hand the meticulous craft of the Master.
The author's notes have been selected and edited by Richard Upborne, the acknowledged Wodehouse scholar, who has appended an essay on the novel itself and written a long-awaited, much needed treatise on the topography of Blandings, for which maps arid diagrams have been made by lonicus.
And how is it at Blandings in the end ? A niece is incarcerated. Galahad smuggles in her beloved, a penniless artist, to paint -the Empress and at last it seems that that senior pig will be hung in the Gallery. The Chancellor of the Exchequer comes to stay, .shadowed even on the croquet lawn by an escort from the Yard. And what of Lord Emsworth? He has drawn upon the utmost ounce of his resolution and put a brand new sister to flight, and we take our leave of him - and of Beach and Gaily and the others - ringing down the curtain on the happiest of all sagas, in absolute command of his Castle.