PG Wodehouse

Uncle Dynamite

First Published 1948

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PG Wodehouse Uncle Dynamite

When Otis Painter, a struggling publisher, inadvertently incorporated some art studies of a most indelicate nature into Sir Aylmer Bostock's reminiscences, the choleric Sir Aylmer threatened a ruinous lawsuit. To prevent this disaster overtaking her brother, Sally Painter besought the aid of her benign and perennially youthful uncle, Frederick, fifth Earl of Ickenham. Uncle Fred recognized this as a situation calling for immediate action, brilliant strategy and audacity of the more brazen order. Fortunately he possessed these qualities in abundance, and the masterly plan he evolved, despite the dark suspicion of Constable Potter, the timidity of Pongo Twistleton and r the intervention of Major Brabazon-Plank, was brought triumphantly to fruition. P.G. Wodehouse at his most brilliant best.